What is Musicalympiad?


Musicalympiad is a focused, unified, and motivating system of teaching music reading and music theory to students in elementary and middle school.  It is partially based on music teaching techniques and strategies derived from the Kodly method.  Musicalympiad promotes the hands-on teaching of music reading through the use of large models for notation. It starts with whole body action games on the giant floor staff, and progresses to team games using magnet manipulatives as tools for melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic dictation, as well as for composition.  In the 5th through 8th grades, the Musicalympiad program includes school-wide, district-wide, dual, regional, and state-wide music theory competitions.  The goals of these competitive events are:


        To raise standards for music literacy in school music programs.

       To differentiate for various ways of learning, especially for hands-on and auditory learning pathways.

       To make learning to read music a fun, action-packed, intense, and eventful group experience.

       To add an extra level of motivation for all students to memorize and apply music fundamentals in their music classroom work and in their individual practice.

        To identify and publicly recognize students who have hidden gifts of auditory music talent, and to recognize all students who strive to do well in their music program(s).

       To stimulate and practice the higher-level thinking skills of melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic abstraction.

       To help later-readers have increased success and participation in middle level music programs, especially in instrumental music.

       To help smoothly transition the Kodly reading skills learned in the elementary school into the skill of reading printed music using a band or orchestra instrument in the middle years.


Want to learn more?  Licensed music teachers can sign up for Musicalympiad In-service training here.