The following Musicalympiad™ in-service sessions are available to licensed music teachers:


Musicalympiad Level I  (1 hour)


Learn the basic reasoning behind using Musicalympiad™ teaching strategies and competitions.  Be a “kid” again and play some of the Musicalympiad™ games with other music teachers.  This training includes a free Musicalympiad™ manual and completion of Level I training qualifies a music teacher to run a school-wide Musicalympiad™ competition.  (Prerequisite: must be a licensed music teacher).


Musicalympiad Level II (2 hours)


Learn the rules, standards, and procedures for running a Musicalympiad™ all-district competition or hosting a dual event.  Also learn how to be an event judge and how to guide your “Accent on Character” judges. This training employs more hands-on role playing, as well as trouble shooting issues, timeline suggestions, and a guidebook to help you organize your events. Completion of Level II training qualifies a music teacher to run an all-district or dual Musicalympiad™ competition.  (Prerequisite:  Musicalympiad™ Level I).


Musicalympiad Level III (3 hours)


This training is for Musicalympiad™ teachers who desire to become leaders in the Musicalympiad™ program by leading or judging Musicalympiad™ competitions at the regional or state level.  This session will include more event rehearsal through role-playing as a judge and contest organizer as well as trouble-shooting and brain-storming ways, if applicable, to help bring Musicalympiad™ to your home state.  (Prerequisite:  Musicalympiad™ Level II).

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